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ABBACREDO is the professional store display fixtures manufacturer who has ISO9001 and ISO14001 factories including metal, wood and acrylic production lines

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The Professional Store Display Fixture Manufacturer | ABBA DISPLAY FIXTURES CORPORATION

We are

ABBACREDO is the brand name of ABBA Corporation. CREDO was added after ABBA because CREDO has the meaning of believing which means ABBA believes in quality and integrity. Because quality is our life, integrity is our belief, this is the basis of value we provide to customers and the philosophy we adhere to. It is our goal that the new brand ABBACREDO will inherit ABBA’s experience and belief in providing quality store display equipment as well as a one-stop global store display equipment solution. Assisting customers to expand their stores globally is our mission. Through social media and instant messaging platforms, the new ABBACREDO team hopes to provide smooth communication, quality service, and become the most powerful backing for our customers.


ABBA DISPLAY FIXTURES CORPORATION, ABBACREDO, is part of the TACOX Group. Mr. Tony Huang is the founder of the TACOX Group. The company initially started out in trading which was established in 1984. In response to the strong demand for display racks in the international market at that time, it established the first manufacturing plant in Taiwan in 1986. In the following year because of the rise of video tape stores, the demand for display shelves surged, and it quickly established its popularity in the display industry. Thanks to the exceptional quality and service, even in an era of underdeveloped information, with ABBA’s reputation traveled through customers’ good word of mouth, and new customers kept on coming to ABBA. Many proactively contacted ABBA with needs for various types of store display props.


Mr. Tony Huang is the founder of the TACOX Group. The company initially started out in trading which was established in Taipei, Taiwan.

1986In response to the strong demand for display racks in the international market at that time, it established the first manufacturing plant in Nantou, Taiwan.

1993the first display rack company in Shanghai that was rooted from Taiwan and quickly expanded several factories in Shanghai area to meet the continued order demand.


Established Shanghai Jinfeng Factory→ Formally put into production of metal wire, metal tube, sheet metal and acrylic in Shanghai

2002Formally invested wood / joinery, metal and composite display rack machines and equipment in Taicang, Suzhou (near Shanghai) and began mass production.

2015Established Zhangzhou Weichen Factory (near Xiamen)→ with metal workshops, joinery workshop, and acrylic workshop




TACOX Founded


ABBA Office opened


Established Taiwan Nantou Factory


Established Shanghai Jinfeng Factory



Growing fast in the US market


Obtained ISO 9001 certification


Signed contract with Starbucks



Established Zhangzhou Weichen Factory


Obtained ISO 14001 certification


Obtained Dun & Bradstreet certification



ABBACREDO new brand name established

2017For decades, the TACOX Group has adjusted its operating constitution and investment strategy in timely manner in response to the ever changing market and evolving environment, enabling it to operate sustainably and continue to provide worldwide customers with display equipment and services.

As a pioneer in the industry, Mr. Tony Huang treats employees of the group kindly and gives them a stage to develop their capabilities. Employees are the company’s intangible asset and their long-term service is the backbone of the operation. Mr. Tony Huang believes in social responsibility; therefore he continuously assists many disadvantaged groups and people in need. He is highly respected beyond being an established entrepreneur; he is also regarded as a philanthropist.

Customer Base

Examples of customers served: Adidas, Nike, North Face, American Eagle, Columbia, Superdry, Mountain Hardware, Uniqlo, GU, Levis, Volcom, Von Zipper, Billabong, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Kohl’s, Bridgestone, Harley Davidson, J crew, Starbucks, Target, Myer, David Jones, Primark , H&M, Wal-mart, Cotton On, GoPro, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Miter 10, Ulta, New Balance, Kroger, ACE, TJX, Bank Of American, Mark & Spencer’s etc…

I always tell them how professional, conscientious, quality-focused, and ‘forward thinking’ the ABBACREDO team is. To that extent, I must now also add “very careful listener’ – which is a very high compliment!

R. H.
from USA

Product Category

ABBACREDO covers a wide range of custom-made store displays including metal fixtures, wooden displays and acrylic displays, such as garment racks & accessories, gondola, POP displays, free standing displays, wall fixtures, wall system, cabinets, showcases (show cases), cash counters, nesting tables, wooden fixtures, wooden tables, wire shelving systems, grid panels, wire baskets , sign holders, acrylic display stands, jewelry displays, peg boards &accessories, slat wall display stands, mannequin stands, display risers, commercial furniture, shopping carts, signage, metal fixtures accessories such as wall standards, brackets, hooks, faceouts, arms, waterfalls, twist on …you name it.

Surface Treatment

In ABBACREDO, the surface treatment of metal and wood is all done in house. Our electroplating plant is equipped with automatic circulation lines and automatic gantry lines, no matter whether the product is small or large in size, we can do plating finishes with no problem. They are: chrome, nickel, black chrome, black nickel etc. ABBA also has a fully automatic powder coating line to meet customers’ needs in different colors. For the wooden display painting process, ABBA’s painting workshop is equipped with dust free room. All the facilities meet local environmental protection regulations.

Mechanical Equipment

Committed to meeting customers’ needs for composite materials such as metal, wood, acrylic, etc., ABBA equips itself with efficient production machinery. They are: laser cutting, robot welding, automatic spot welding, tube bending, roll forming, pressing, stamping, TIG / MIG welding, CNC milling machine, grinding, polishing, wood panel saw, sander, laminating machine, solid wood splicing machine, laser engraving machine, mechanical engraving machine, diamond polishing machine, trimming machine, hot bending machine, carton printing slotting machine and so on.

Trust and Integrity

We fully comply with customer-approved drawings or samples during sample production and mass production.

No MOQ Requirements

We have a strong background, and there is no minimum order quantity required. Even if there is only one, we can do it.

One-Stop Full Service

Even if it is just a simple hand-drawn sketch, we communicate with the customer for clarification and help to deliver.

Custom-Made Designs

We mainly focus on producing OEM / ODM customized store display fixtures with composite materials.

Competitive Price

We complete production almost up to 95% in-house within our factories to ensure the quality meets customer requirements.

High-Quality Control

We take every order seriously and do a thorough job on quality inspection base on the ISO management system.

Industry Experience

Automated machinery cannot do customized products entirely. High-skilled human resources are the keys.

Value Engineering

We know the real needs of customers and we share the knowledge so that customers can obtain better models.

Factory Audit Passed

Many multinational companies require us to pass factory inspections before cooperating, and we fully meet the requirements.

Let us hear from you

Even if there are only ideas, we will help you clarify your needs and make drawings.

Our office

Our head office is in Taiwan, and our factory is on the mainland, welcome to visit.

Send an Email

You are welcome to send your needs to our email mailbox at

Get Support

Any ideas and needs are welcome to tell us, and we have a strong team to assist you.

Award &

Certificate / 2018 – 2021


ISO9000 CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION, GB/T19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2015

Certificate / 2019 – 2020


Company Information D-U-N-S CERTIFICATE, D&B D-U-N-S CERTIFIED service

STARBUCKS Award / 2009


Store Highest Satisfaction Award (Facility Category)

STARBUCKS Award / December, 2011


Outstanding Newcomer Award for Manufacturer Evaluation of the Year 2011

Certificate / 2016 – 2018


Environmental Management System CERTIFICATE, GB/T 24001-2004/ISO 14001:2004

Certificate / 2002



We Manufacture Everything You Need for Business (Display)

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9F., No. 270, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 10551, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: +886-2-27726668
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